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Business partners are easy to find

The challenge is to find an efficient partner.

We provide end-to-end links to valuable supply chain and management solutions for brands and retailers worldwide. With our local insights coupled with global reach –  making Premium Deluxe Design Limited your eyes and ears on the ground.

Established and experienced

We’re proud to provide business solutions to some of the world’s leading companies. We are on the ground so our clients don’t need to be.

We are local

Our on-the-ground experience allowed us to effectively bridge the nitty gritties between our clients and local manufacturers.

We think global

We have acquired insights into what’s best for our global clients. We fully understand their needs and can right away provide options that are tip-top.

Vietnam – ASEAN’s manufacturing hub

Vietnam’s productivity growth skyrocketed over the past years, thanks to its manufacturing industry making it an export-driven economy. 

Why Vietnam

Vietnam has been the hub of manufacturing in Southeast Asia in the past years and has been a choice for clients worldwide for sourcing needs.

Global manufacturers moved to Vietnam making outsourcing even more competitive, helping clients get a better and valuable supply chain.

  • Advanced technology
  • High Infra Investments
  • Diverse industries


Vietnam is a member of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), the Asia-Pacific Economic Community (APEC) and the ASEAN – Europe Meeting (ASEM); has signed a trade agreement with the US.

Sourcing your supply chain from Vietnam comes with other advantages:

  • Economic Stability
  • Geographical location
  • Low labour cost

Exceptional service. Global reach.

Premium Deluxe Design Limited headquartered in Hong Kong has been partnering with 80+ factories in Southeast Asia for many years.

We exist to help clients worldwide to have quality and valuable links for their supply chains, trade solutions and business sourcing requirements.


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