Manufacturing and export-driven country

Why source from Vietnam?

The influx of foreign direct investments enables Vietnam to acquire international standards and robust engineering from other countries by transferring in advanced technological equipment thereby producing quality end products.


Production Capability

The Vietnamese government has been spending a big chunk on energy and infrastructure to support manufacturing companies coming into the country.


Labour Cost

Vietnam has a young and strong workforce and its cost is generally lower than China, a very good option for production that is labour intensive.


Strategic Location

Many choose Vietnam due to its proximity coupled with political and economic stability, low risk of a trade war and multiple trade agreements.

Strong Manufacturing Sector


Vietnam manufactures a variety of products supplying multiple industries globally, ranging from telecommunications, fashion, education among others.


Apparel, plush toys, plastic toys, arts and crafts products, non-woven bags, packaging & printing, personal protective equipment, biodegradable products etc


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